Local Italy

Although we would love for you to spend plenty of time at our home, exploring the woods, vege gardens and learning to cook authentic Italian food with us, there are endless activities and sights you can see in the surrounding areas.

It's really important you let us know what you or your group are interested in doing or seeing during your stay as we're keen to personalise your experience. For example, if you are eager to explore The Dolomites (only a 90 minute drive away), speed through the famous Tarzo valley cycle routes, or simply tour around the exquisite vineyards in the area - drinking and dining, we are happy to arrange the best possible schedule for you.

One of the key things we can offer is an insider's guide to our local Italy - we can literally take you down the road less travelled - to the areas you would never find as a tourist. For example, Osteria Senza Oste, a beautiful vineyard you can explore and taste delicious wines from 'the bar without a bartender' - where the bartender is replaced by an honesty box. We love our little town, and we would love more than anything to share it with you.

The view over Prosecco Valley at Osteria Senza Oste - the 'bar without a bartender'.

One of the many famous cycle tracks in rural Italy.